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 DrixeR the nub

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PostSubject: DrixeR the nub   Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:07 pm

I started JD a week ago on Wildlands server. 2 days ago I rerolled to Billows, because some friends of mine begged me to come over to Billows. Im a vim on both servers, lvl 44 here atm (was 46 on Wildlands) - but growing fast. Kay, kris and life will pay everything I need to grind <3

I've been playing Twelve Sky for 2 years, I dont know if any of you have played 12sky - but if you have, you might have heard of me. I was a devo jin called Disharmony.

Dont know what else to say. Im looking forward to get to know you all ;D

~ Disharmony/DrixeR
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DrixeR the nub
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